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UMT 1 Year Activation

UMT 1 Year Activation
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UMT 1 Year Activation

UMT Dongle / UMT Box 1 Year Activation is meant for users who bought UMT Dongle / UMT Box more than 1 year ago. Allows you to prolong access to the future UMT software versions for 1 more year.

This Activation is intended for the following devices:

    UMT Dongle
    UMT Box
    UMT Box (by GPG)
    UMT Pro Dongle
    UMT Pro Box
    NCK Dongle Pro (NCK Dongle Full + UMT)*
    NCK Pro Box with Cables (NCK Box + UMT)*
    NCK Box Pro without cables (NCK Box + UMT)*
    NCK Pro Dongle (NCK Dongle + UMT)*

*Important! If you need to prolong the support for both NCK and UMT features on NCK+UMT devices, please buy NCK (Box/Dongle) 1 Year Activation and UMT (Box/Dongle) 1 Year Activation.
If you need to prolong support only for one solution: NCK or UMT – just purchase the corresponding activation, other one is not required.
Detailed information on the further use of the virtual product will be sent to your email, specified during registration, when we confirm your payment and process your order.

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